Baia Indoor Sauna

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With its ergonomic design and special features, the Baia sauna is particularly attractive thanks to its curved seating. Wavy benches can usually only be found in larger saunas, but we wanted to offer this luxury touch for a sauna that can fit into smaller spaces.

Baia offers an unbeatable price-to-quality ratio – alongside its energy efficiency and quality construction, this makes it the best option for a low-cost, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic compact sauna. As well as being comfortable, Baia looks incredible, with features that really make it stand out from the crowd. 

This easy to install kit is shipped straight to your door and requires about day to set up.

 Short on time? This sauna features a wifi-enabled controller so you can preheat your sauna remotely using an app on your mobile device.

6.73ft H (205cm) x 5.25ft W (160cm) x 5.25ft D (160cm) suitable for 2 people.

Made in Thermo-Aspen

Includes HUUM Drop Stove in 4.5KW, Sauna Stones, Safety Railing and UKU Wifi Controller. HUUM Stove pictured in image 4 with Safety Rail. Controller pictured in image 8.

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