Custom Built Sauna Door

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It can be hard to find a good door for your sauna. So we make our custom in-house.

Our doors come standard with:

  • Single pane 1/4" tempered glass interior to keep the heat in the sauna and let natural light into the space.
  • White Oak wood frame for a sturdy long-lasting door.
  • Modern full length exterior handle for a clean look and easy access.
  • Automatic spring-loaded hinges for easy closing and keeping the heat in the sauna.
  • Cedar door frame for easily installing into your sauna.

Door Dimensions:

  • 32" wide x 72" tall Rough opening.
  • 16" wide x 60" tall glass panel.
  • Can be built custom to your sauna if needed.

Outswing Sauna Doors:

  • All sauna doors should be made as an out-swing door to make it easier and safer for someone to exit the sauna when needed. We never want someone to feel stuck or trapped in the sauna.
  • Exterior handle available on right or left.

As this is a custom built product, please allow for 6-8 weeks before shipping.

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