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Bring the relaxation of sauna anywhere you go with The Sauna Tent. Whether its the fresh cool lakeside, packed in the back of your SUV, or your favorite campsite companion, The Sauna Tent goes where you do. We partnered with Snowtrekker Tents and Stormy Kromer to create a high quality tent that is perfect for your next adventure outdoors. Wood burning for an authentic sauna experience. Handmade in the USA.

Non Toxic MaterialsThe Sauna Tent is constructed with a custom, dual layer canvas to maximize heat retention while protecting you from the elements. The base of the tent, sod cloth, and rainfly are made of durable pyrocell - a flame retardant and UV protective materials to ensure the tent will hold up for years for all your outdoor needs.

Mobile: The Sauna Tent packs away in 3 canvas bags weighing ~150 lbs total. The wood burning stove and collapsible chimney conveniently store in their own bag to keep things tidy. Included stools are collapsable for easy storage.

Size: Comfortable for up to 6 people to enjoy sauna in your favorite natural setting, whether that be your backyard, a campsite, or next to your favorite body of water. Invite friends and family without compromising on a relaxing experience. 


Kit Includes:

  • Sauna Tent and Frame
  • Rain Fly, Sod Cloth, and Ground Tarp
  • Stove and Chimney
  • (6) Stools
  • Bucket and Ladle
  • (3) Carrying Cases

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