Custom Sauna Design Process

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We believe that quality products built to last deserve conversation around designing something specific, just for your needs. Our design process supports clients looking for a team of people that want to create something special. 

Our design process takes you from dream, to fully custom built exterior saunas for your home. 

Have questions? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with our Sales Manager, Derek. 

Want to see some of our past builds for reference? See some project overviews on our website here.


Step 1 - Design Fee, Inspiration and Images 

  • Pay design fee (You are here)
  • Send any design inspiration
  • Send images and video of location prior to Design Kickoff Meeting

Step 2 - Design Kickoff Meeting

  • 60 min Zoom meeting
  • Process questions and concerns
  • Fulfill your aesthetic and design dreams
  • Find the perfect location and sauna stove
  • Problem-solve installation as much as possible
Step 3 - Design Review (1-2 weeks later)
  • 60 min Zoom meeting
  • Review the design together
  • Make any necessary adjustments and edits
  • Continue to problem solve, ensuring a smooth build process and installation
Step 4 - Project Overview (1-2 weeks later)  
  • 60 min Zoom meeting
  • Provide a quote for the build project
  • Establish financial clarity for the process of this investment
  • Answer any remaining questions you might have about the build process.  
Step 5 - Getting Started with Your Build
  • Once we've completed the design process, we will send you an invoice for 50% of the build project. When payment is processed, we will get you scheduled into our build timeline, and propose your estimated completion and installation date.

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