Finding the Right Sauna Stove

The decision between the romance of a wood fired stove and the convenience of a high quality electric stove comes down to simply asking yourself - what are you going to use more or enjoy more? A great analogy we like to use is - preparing for sauna is like preparing a meal. The wood fired experience is like harvesting the ingredients from your garden, preparing them in your kitchen, and sitting down at your table to enjoy the meal. There’s a little bit more attention needed when chopping the wood, starting the fire, and stoking the stove. Many people love that process, and for some, it is essential to the sauna experience. Others would rather order their meal from a well trained chef, and then enjoy the meal when it is ready to be served. That is the experience of the electric sauna - where you can press a button and your high quality stove begins preparing the space for you to enjoy. Like chefs, not all stoves are created equal, thus we always work with and install stoves that are high quality. One of the biggest factors in heat quality is thermal mass, the amount of stone your stove can hold. It makes the difference between a thin, sharp heat and a robust, smooth heat. Remember, we’re sauna geeks - we only provide gourmet sauna heat. We often have people thinking through how they use their time. If life and work and home is busy or fast paced, they lean toward the convenience of an electric stove that they can start from their device on their way home from work. If your location and life is a bit slower (or you’d just like it to be) the wood fired option provides a meditative and grounded experience for your sauna. 

So, the question to you is - what are you going to use more or enjoy more? They both sound great, don’t they? It’s not uncommon to get asked, “Can we do both?” We think investing in your personal wellness is always a good investment. It just depends on how big of a sauna you’ll need.

Check out this video from our founder, Justin: 

 Good saunas provide good heat, are efficient in their production of that heat, and retain it well. A sauna stove’s ability to throw heat into the room is often measured in kilowatts (kW). Determining the correct stove should provide a stove heats the room appropriately and quickly, but also isn’t too big for the space, as to create a harsh heat for those who are going to enjoy the sauna. Many factors come into play when choosing the right stove, from ventilation to insulation to amount of glass. All should be considered to get the right stove for you. The biggest factor is simply the size of the space. Sauna stove capacities are measured by calculating the cubic volume of air in the sauna. Let’s do some math together!

Once you know the dimensions of the space, you will simply need to multiply the ceiling height by the width and length of your sauna hot room. This will give you the cubic volume of the air in the space. Each of our stoves has a recommended range (in cubic ft) for optimal operation. Those can be found in product descriptions and installation guides. See “Insulation” for more details on how the materials used within your sauna can impact stove recommendations based on room size.

Stove Model / Sauna Room Range (ft³)

DROP 4.5 kW / 106-247 ft³

DROP 6 kW / 177-353 ft³

DROP 9 kW / 282-530 ft³

HIVE Mini 6 kW / 176.6-282 ft³

HIVE Mini 9 kW / 317.8-530 ft³

HIVE 12 kW / 424-883 ft³

HIVE 15 kW / 530-1060 ft³

HIVE 18 kW / 636-1236 ft³

HIVE Heat 12 kW / 212- 459 ft³

HIVE Wood 13 kW / 212-459 ft³

HIVE Wood 17 kW / 283-565 ft³

People come in all different shapes and sizes, and willingness to sit close to one another. A four person sauna to one, may be an eight person sauna to another. Some people don’t mind rubbing sweaty shoulders. The most accurate way to determine which stove is appropriate is by calculating the dimensions by cubic feet. See “How do I calculate the size of my sauna?”

Nobody wants a musty dank sauna! Proper ventilation is key to creating a sauna that both dries appropriately and provides enough oxygen for those enjoying the sauna. 

In order to guarantee a sufficient supply of oxygen and fresh air, the sauna’s ventilation must be as efficient as possible. We recommend directing the fresh air into the sauna room from near the floor and close to the stove. The air inlet must be equipped with an adjustable valve. The exhaust vent must be installed in the opposite wall from the inlet valve at least 7.9 in (20 cm) above the height of the inlet valve. It is common to put that exhaust vent just under the top bench of your sauna.

Most sauna constructions include insulated walls to contain the heat that we so deeply enjoy. We recommend checking the service temperature of any insulation you are considering using in a sauna application. Many insulations are not suited for use in a sauna and may off gas into the space. You will want to calculate cubic feet of air volume in your sauna to determine the right size stove. In case there are any uninsulated brick, tile, glass or log walls in the sauna room, an additional volume of 53 ft³ for each ft² of such wall should be added to the sauna room size calculation.

Glass doors add 53 ft³ to your sauna volume. Windows should be calculated per square foot. See “Insulation” above for more details on how the materials used within your sauna can impact stove recommendations based on room size.

No. Be careful. You don’t want any stones popping or cracking when heated. Here’s a great guide from our friends over at Estonian Saunas: Choosing the right sauna stones

Wood-burning Sauna Stoves

In short, you want locally sourced and appropriately seasoned wood, so that it burns cleanly and efficiently. Wood species will vary based on your location. Sauna stoves tend to be forgiving when it comes to wood type. We have lots of thoughts on this topic, and in fact, even have a full video to help provide you with more insight.  4 things you need to know before you start burning firewood: The Art of Woodburning for Sauna & Home

Both stoves are high quality wood burning stoves with large amounts of thermal mass and stone capacity. Plus, we think they’re both beautiful, like a sculptural centerpiece for your sauna. They differ in a few small ways, such as, the HIVE Wood is made of stainless steel and can be purchased in larger sizes (13 kW and 17 kW). The HIVE Heat is made of cast iron and is designed for smaller saunas, sized at 12 kW. If you are seeking a quality wood-fired sauna experience, you can’t go wrong either way. 

HIVE Heat 12 kw and HIVE Wood 13 kW can fit pieces of wood up to 12”, and the HIVE Wood 17 kW can fit up to 16”. We recommend locally sourced, split, seasoned wood.  

Why, yes! The HIVE Heat 12 kW and HIVE Wood 17 kW are available in models which have an extended nose and longer firebox to allow them to be installed through a wall cavity. This is signified by an “LS” in the product description. Please note that heating a sauna stove through a wall should take extra care for proper clearances to non-combustibles and wall assemblies. Please refer to installation guides for details. 

Again, this is one of the most significant safety portions of your installation. Always follow stove pipe manufacturer guidelines for the installation. Various stove pipe styles are available, including stainless steel, black painted metal, and galvanized metal. There are also double wall and single wall stove pipe constructions. Ultimately, you will be making the right choice for your budget and needs. For saunas, it can be beneficial to have a straight run without any angled joints in your stove pipe. This will increase longevity of the stove pipe, cleanliness, and help with draw for better ventilation. For HUUM stoves, you will need an adapter to go from 115 mm/4.5 in to whatever your desired stove pipe diameter is. We recommend a 6 inch diameter stove pipe. A local stove or fireplace provider will be able to walk you through the best available options in your area. 

Electric Sauna Stoves

Both provide high quality electric heat, beautiful design, and available Wi-Fi compatibility. They differ in their size and installation location. 

The DROP stoves are wall mounted and have a slightly smaller stone capacity (however, significantly more stone capacity than most toaster-oven-style wall mounted stoves). A wall mounted stove can be  a more efficient use of space in a smaller sauna. Their beautiful design, modeled after a drop of water, provides a unique sculptural wall art, in addition to great heat. The DROP stove comes in 4.5 kW, 6 kW, and 9 kW.

The HIVE stoves are floor mounted and slightly larger. For larger saunas, or those who prefer a floor mounted, the HIVE models have an increased stone capacity, and therefore, increased thermal mass. The HIVE model comes in 12 kW, 15 kW, and 18kW. 


Drop 4.5 kW / 30 A / 240 V~2 / 10 AWG

Drop 6 kW / 30 A / 240 V~2 / 10 AWG

Drop 9 kW / 30 A / 240 V~2 / 6 AWG

HIVE Mini 6 kW / 30 A / 240 V~2 / 10 AWG

HIVE Mini 9 kW / 30 A / 240 V~2 / 6 AWG

HIVE 12 kW / 30 A (x 2) / 240 V~2 / 10 AWG (x 2)

HIVE 15 kW / 50 A (x 2) / 240 V~2 / 6 AWG (x 2)

HIVE 18 kW / 50 A (x 2) / 240 V~2 / 6 AWG (x 2)

Safety is essential to a good electric sauna. All electric HUUM stoves come with a door sensor (preventing the stove from overheating when the door is ajar), a temperature sensor (allowing an automatic stove shutdown in the event of overheating), and the ability to enable a child lock (found in the settings menu) (To access the settings menu, press and hold the button on your controller for 10 seconds). The door and temperature sensors have the ability to be bypassed, however, turning off these features will disqualify warranty coverage.

We like our saunas hot too. All electric stoves are rated on an industry standard. There are multiple standards, both internationally and the United States. The United States UL standard caps at 90C/194F, and measures temperature based on where in the room your thermostat is. You can find more details on UL standards in the US by searching “UL 875 safety standards”. 

HUUM stoves are tested here in the states by SGS, which is a worldwide testing organization like UL. They have been tested to safely run for a longer duration, in addition to reaching 110C/230F. Every sauna heater should be installed to manufacturer's standards and by a local certified electrician. 

Our UKU Wi-Fi sauna controller makes sauna heating very easy and comfortable. With UKU Wi-Fi, you can heat your sauna on the spot, or do it from your phone through HUUM mobile app. In order to use the mobile app solution, UKU needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. UKU comes with several safety and extra features for a pleasant sauna experience. It can be used with different manufacturers’ heaters.

With HUUM mobile app you can heat your sauna comfortably from wherever you are. Whether you are at the end of a long working day or going out for a run - with a couple of clicks on your phone, you can have a hot sauna waiting for you when you get home. You can choose the beginning and end time of the heating, set the desired temperature, and check the current temperature at any given moment.

Sauna Stove Installation

Every sauna heater should be installed to manufacturer's standards and by a local certified electrician. 

At this time, we do not provide installation services. 

Solo Stoves

Solo stoves work great in a backyard or take it with you to your car camping site.

No, your fire pit is ready to use with just wood. However, we do offer several accessories to make your experience even better. Shop accessories here.

No. Your stove comes with a black, nylon carrying case. However, a shelter (an all weather cover) may be purchased separately if you would like to leave your Solo Stove outside.

Solo Stoves were designed to be used as a backyard fire pit, helping you gather friends and family. Feel free to break out the marshmallows and hot dogs or other fire pit friendly food!

Any firewood logs will burn but for optimum efficiency we recommend dry hard woods. Hardwoods such as birch, maple, hickory and oak will burn longer than softwoods.

We recommed 4- 6 logs. Don't overfill your solo stove. Once you have a hot bed of embers, you can always throw on more logs. To minimize smoke and optimize your flame, don't fill the wood above the holes at the top of the fire pit.

For Ranger < 12" logs 

Bonfire < 16" logs

Yukon < 22" logs

After your stove is cool, turn it upside down to empty any remaining ashes left in your stove. Keep your stove in a cool and dry place when not in use. It’s that easy!

YES! Do not touch any part of the stove when in use. It will be extremely hot. Children should always be under parental supervision when around Solo Stove. Use common sense and treat it like any other fire.

Yes, however we recommend 2-6 inches of clearance around the unit for proper ventilation.

You are required to use the stand when burning on a wood deck. As long as you use the Stand, heat transfer is minimized and it is safe on most any surface.

You can use Solo Stove Handle with or without your fire pit’s flame ring in place.

Solo Stove Handle isn’t designed to transform your fire pit into a bucket. But it’s perfect to carry a bit of leftover wood and spent ash.

Stands allow for air to pass underneath the Solo Stove while it's in use for extended periods of time, or on surfaces that need additional protection from heat.

We designed this with multiple surfaces in mind, but we can't account for every type of patio or deck out there. With that in mind, use your best judgement and read all instructions throughly!

Shelter is made with PVC-coated polyester, the same material used to make whitewater rafts. The domed top is supported with 3mm thick reinforced aluminum stays.

Shelter will keep your fire pit safe from excessive moisture, though we do recommend storing your fire pit in a covered area if you are storing it outside.

Yes, Shelter is built to protect your fire pit when stored outside. It remains in place even in windy conditions.

The carrying case that comes with the Ranger and Bonfire is made for making transporting the Ranger and Bonfire even easier via the handles on its side. The carrying case is not made for protecting the fire pit against the elements.

The Shield is best used in situations where you want to prevent sparks and embers from exiting your fire pit.


All of our products and bundles are individually priced. Most stoves include recommendations for which products are frequently purchased together, like stones and controller units for electric stoves. If you have any questions about what you will need for your specific sauna, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at


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