Wi-Fi Enabled Sauna Temperature Sensor

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The world's most elegant Wi-Fi enabled woodfired sauna thermometer. 
For those that want the romance of a wood fired stove and the convenience of modern technology. 
With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility, you'll always know the right moment to add more wood to the fire, crafting the perfect wood fired sauna experience. 
  • Modern Design - Richlite and baltic birch enclosure for a lasting and modern look
  • Flexible - Data and alerts via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth connection
  • Remote Monitor and Real Time Alarm - As long as your mobile device can connect anywhere you access the Internet, the notification and alarm will be pushed through the "Inkbird Pro" app.
  • Smart LCD - Temperature and humidity are displayed on screen, with two protection films on the screen
  • Monitoring Range: 30 meters / 100ft (No Obstructions).
  • Temperature Range: -40~212°F/-40~100°C
  • Humidity Range: 0~99%R
  • More Convenient App - By switching to ℃/℉ through the app, you can more intelligently modify the name of the device and display the accurate location of the device through photos, and provide instant temperature and humidity.



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