Brass Hand Shower

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The brass hand shower is a tool to enhance the ritual of bathing, whether a restorative soak at home or amid fresh air in our hot tub.

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of cleansing before submerging into a warm bath, allow the gentle stream of water to wash away the problems of the day. A simple experience to immerse yourself in the moment with attention and presence. 

Designed by Thom Fougere Studio, the hand shower is made from raw brass that’s spun to create a round shape, with hand-drilled holes that allow water to naturally flow through. Use this object as a pre-soak rinse ritual, or to allow a cold stream of water to fall over your head while bathing in steamy water. 

The hand shower has a raw brass finish. This subtle, living finish gains a deep patina as it reacts to nature's elements and will earn a one-of-a-kind finish that’s as authentic as the home it lives in.

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