The Northern Sauna Tee

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You know the feeling of good sauna? 

Ease. Serenity. Euphoria. Peace. Enlightenment. 

We want to study that. Thanks to our friends at The College of St. Scholastica, now we can.  

Featuring a beautiful design from local artist, Tyler Johnson, these t-shirts support our study of the mental health benefits of sauna - a collaborative study with The College of St. Scholastica.

By purchasing one of these shirts, you help further the understanding of the impact good sauna can have on our mental health. When you purchase one of these t-shirts, we provide a shirt to a participant in this study. 


  • Hand printed in Duluth, MN
  • Ultra soft ringspun combed 4.5 oz. cotton blend
  • Tear-away tag
  • Washable screen printed logo.
  • Athletic cut
  • Classic heather black
  • Sizes S-XXL


Check out this statement from Tyler Johnson, the artist for this piece:  

As a proud Finn-esotan the challenge with this piece wasn't finding inspiration. As a kid, I grew up spending long sessions in my grandparent's homemade sauna at their house. My teenage years were spent at the cabin, seeing which of the cousins could take the most saunas and who could spend the longest time in the ice-cold lake afterwards - all ways to determine who had the most 'sisu' in their blood. My more recent memories drift to the first time I took a sauna with my young daughter at our family cabin. The challenge with this piece, then, was condensing all those memorable events into a single piece that elegantly embodied the sense of taking a sauna: the intense heat, the deep breaths and the relaxation, followed by the relief of the cold water, the stars, and the sense of being at peace — --

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