CLIFF Electric Sauna Stove

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HUUM CLIFF is a slim electric sauna heater with remarkably small safety distances, which makes it perfect for saunas with limited spaces. Thanks to its well-optimized structure the safety distances from the walls are brought down to 2" (5 cm) with smaller models and to 4" (10 cm) with larger models. This stove provides amazing heat along with a beautiful and unique look.

  • Floor mounted stainless steal construction
  • Heats 25% faster due to internal air duct
  • Large 165-lb stone capacity
  • Personal customer service from Minnesota, USA

Three power levels available  

  • 6 kW (176-353 ft³)
  • 9 kW (317-529 ft³)
  • 10.5 kW (353-600 ft ³)

  • Download the CLIFF Installation Manual

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